About us

Satorisan is all about the experience of feeling good. That starts with your shoes. And it ends with being able to appreciate very experience in life. From the smallest daily experiences to the big ones. That sounds pretty deep. But it's simple.

Too often we forget to see what's there. Happiness can be found in every step we take. This is what we call "living by the walk". At the same time we cherish the world we live in. It's where we find balance. We love to travel and to explore.


Satorisan is inspired by these various meanings. Both in the design of our shoes and in the relationship with our customers.


Balance & Harmony

It's all about quality of life and finding happy balance between what you love, what you need, your work, your family, your friends.


Honesty & Respect

We focus our energy in life being honest and spontaneous, real and respecting ourselves and our customers with humility. Living what is ahead and what is under our feet, we try to share what we receive always with the power of a smile.


Quality & Comfort

Quality and comfort are our essentials since we started out. Create unique footwear that is extremely comfortable nd become more beautiful the older it gets. Footwear with a soul.


Love & Caring

We have a lively, absorbing interest in what we do. A deep, tender and passionate affection in each collection. But, what we love most about our job is who we share it with.

Our vision

We are perfect creation valuing what we represent in the world. Being honest and spontaneous, real and respecting ourselves, we focus our energy in life. Smile, smile and smile, happiness is not a goal or a dream, is the way.

Why Satorisan?

In 1781, in The Great Yokai Encyclopedia, a book about the mythical monsters of ancient Japan, Satorisan is described as a supernatural ape-like creature that is capable of reading people's hearts. The traditional legends tell that Satori confronts the travelers in Gifu's mountains revealing them their true inner-self spirit. This search and revelation of authenticity was what inspired us.