Ensō?…Let us enlighten you

The term ensō (円相) is a Japanese word and circular symbol strongly related to Zen. A moment in which the body and mind are truly free to create. Enlightenment, strength and elegance can all be found in this footwear just as it can in the symbol that the name represents.

Old school Look, New School Thinking

Jump back to the 1980s and you’d see the rise of the versatile trainer. To match the various sports they were worn in, styles would change, as would the materials used, but their popularity would only grow, and by the 1990s, they would become iconic in urban culture. This versatility inspired us to create the Enso, with a nod to back in the day, a top-quality rubber outsole and retro look are matched with a handcrafted EVA midsole for great flexibility.

Good vibes are here to stay

Keep it epic with a retro look

Keep it conscious with the materials used

Keep it extra comfy with gold-rated leather